Investing in Real Estate

Nigerians in Diasporas Investing in Real Estate in Nigeria

Investment in real estate involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sales of real estate for profit or private gain.

The real estate industry in Nigeria is a gold mine and a lot of Nigerians abroad are taking advantage of it and making millions out of it.

It’s a pity that Nigerians abroad have been known to invest blindly, putting their trust and hard-earned money in the hands of family members or “trusted” friends.

The major disadvantage about Nigerians in diaspora buying into the real estate in Nigeria

is the issue of them being swindled or conned by land scammers, family members, or friends.

It is true that real estate investment in Nigeria is risky for Nigerians in diaspora especially due to the fact that they are not in the country to oversee the whole buying process.

That’s why it’s always advised that you seek the guidance of a reliable real estate professional/agent

The good news is that, technology which has made the world a global village, has made distance a non-barrier as you can purchase real estate properties in Nigeria legally from any part of the world without being present.

You can now buy from a real estate directly with a professional real estate company without needing to set foot in Nigeria.

Reputable Companies in Nigeria for Investing in Real Estate

Gasvine Properties Limited

is a registered Real Estate Development Company authorized with registration number RC: 1340865.

to carry out all kinds of Building Construction, Property Management, Property Marketing and Sales Services for Companies, Government, Institutions and Individuals with satisfaction guaranteed.

You can visit us at Address: 21, Olutosin Ajayi Street, Opposite WAP TV, By CPM Church HQs, Ajao Estate, Lagos state. You can call/Whatsapp us on +2348117868765, or email us at “”

Investing in Real Estate- Buying From a Reputable Real Estate Company

Thanks to the internet which has made communications and research easy and fast, you can easily source for and research for a reputable real estate company online just using your mobile phone or pc.

If you’re not convinced on your findings and want to take care of the project yourself, you can take a trip back home to Nigeria to supervise your project.

But one thing is for sure, whether you’re in Nigeria or overseas, you would still need to buy your properties from a reliable real estate company to avoid being swindled by land scammers.

This is why buying from a reputable real estate company in Nigeria is key to a successful real estate investment.

Please remember that Gasvine Properties Ltd which is a reputable real estate development and investment consulting remains your number one choice for acquiring problem free properties in Nigeria.

Instead of spending much money on a flight ticket to come to Nigeria for property inspection, you can request for a detailed video of the property in question. with Technology which has changed the way we live and do business.

This helps you see things for yourself, if it is dry, swampy or waterlogged land before making payment.

We have our online soft copy subscription form, which we file after you’ve filled the necessary details and scanned back to us. All receipts of subsequent payments, contract of sale document, deed of assignment, etc. is also scanned to you for your signature, after which you scan the signed copies back to us while you keep your own copy.

Why Nigerians in the Diaspora Should invest Back Home

 investing in real estate  2Nigerians in diaspora sent an estimated $25 billion in remittance to the country in 2018, representing 6.1% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In reality, every Nigerian in the diaspora wants to own a home or properties in Nigeria. So they send money to Nigeria for either their family welfare or to build their house.

As it is, how many foreigners are doing businesses in Nigeria and also want to build here? For Nigerians in the diaspora, you don’t have to stress yourself, you just have to be sure that your contractor is not using inferior materials on your project. With a good developer, you’re sure nobody is cheating you or that you’re not giving your money to your brother while he deceives you by sending you pictures of someone else’s house.

I believe that 90% of money sent by Nigerians in the diaspora, back home is for only one type of investment that they love to do, which is property. This is because every Nigerian abroad knows that someday they would come back home to Nigeria.


If you are a Nigerian in the diaspora, and you want to invest in the Nigerian real estate, it is the best investment for you because, despite the unstable economy in Nigeria over the years, the Nigerian real estate has been the only tested and trusted investment that has helped investors grow their wealth because properties appreciate over time.

So if you buy a landed property today at the rate of N8,000,000, you may sell it for N20,000,000 – N80,000,000 in 5 years’ time. Which is a 100% to 500% return on investment (ROI).

Please contact us at Gasvine Properties Ltd  OR VISIT if you would like to grow your wealth with real estate in Nigeria.

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