Easter Jolly Promo Sales

30% Discount in Easter Jolly Promo

Gasvine properties LTD is at it again with Easter Jolly Promo.

In this season,Gasvine properties LTD is offering a 30% across all her Estates in MOWE-OFADA,IBEJU-LEKKI,AVU-OWERRI,ISELE-ASABA and free amazing gifts such as Bags of Rice,Turkey,Tin tomatoes,Chicken and seasoning packs for everyone.

Easter Jolly Promo Gifts

How To Participate in Easter Jolly Promo

subscribe to buy a landed property in  any of our Estates in MOWE-OFADA,IBEJU-LEKKI,AVU-OWERRI,ISELE-ASABA with initial deposit of #20,000 above 

after initial deposit,you Receive all necessary documentations and Easter jolly promo gifts .

you can Spread the Balance within 24 months.

About Gasvine Properties LTD

Gasvine Properties Limited is a registered Real Estate Development Company authorized to carry out all kinds of Building Construction, Property Management, Business Development Consultancy, Feasibility & Viability Appraisals, Project Packaging, Branding, Property Marketing and Sales Services for Companies, Government, Institutions, Individuals etc. with satisfaction guaranteed.

We are incorporated as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies and Allied Matters Acts with registration number RC: 1340865.

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