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Making Housing Dreams A Reality

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 we have four strategic locations/Estates in Nigeria:Lagos, Ogun ,Owerri and Asaba.


Sitting magnificently on an expanse of plain table land is one of the aesthetic master piece and luxurious estate, the Royal Court Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos. The liberal nature of Lekki, coupled with the establishment of the Free Trade Export Processing Zone has brought an unprecedented growth in housing and business destination, turning the Island into an essential place to live and the main investment hub of Lagos.

Royal Court is a dry land and as such requires no piling or sand-filling but raft foundation. It is located at Ibeju-Lekki behind Amen Estate, 3 minutes’ drive from Eleko junction. The estate is a 5 minutes’ drive to the prestigious Lekki Free Trade Zone and 10 minutes’ drive to the Dangote Refinery.

Estates and other Landmarks within the neighbourhood include Amen Estate, Lagos State Golf Course, Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery, Dangote Fertilizer Gas Plant, Cargo Port Construction, Seaport Construction, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Island International Airport.

Royal Court is available for sale; price and payment breakdown is stated as follows.

 Full Plot measuring 500m2 = N6,000,000 (Outright or 3 instalments within 3 months)

Other Flexible Payment Plans:

Full Plot measuring 500m2

N6,500,000:N27,083 daily (Mon-Fri) or N541,667 monthly for 12 months.
N7,000,000:N14,583 daily (Mon-Fri) or N291,667 monthly for 24 months.
N7,500,000:N10,417 daily (Mon-Fri) or N208,333 monthly for 36 months.
N9,000,000:N9,375 daily (Mon-Fri) or N187,500 monthly for 48 months.




Sun-City Gardens is located at Owerri, the capital city of Imo State. It is a well- planned estate that will give our subscribers a true taste of 21st century housing experiences. The infrastructural provision will give residents high level of comfort and an adequate security.

There is a high rate of returns on investment for all our investors.

Sun-City Gardens is available for sale; price and payment breakdown is stated as follows.

  • Full Plot measuring 500m2 = N3,000,000 (Outright or 3 instalments within 3 months)

Other Flexible Payment Plans:

Full Plot measuring 500m2

N3,200,000:N13,333  daily  (Mon-Fri)  or  N266,667  monthly  for  12



N7,083 daily (Mon-Fri) or N141,667 monthly for 24 months.

N3,800,000:N5,278 daily (Mon-Fri) or N105,556 monthly for 36 months.
N4,000,000:N4,167 daily (Mon-Fri) or N83,334 monthly for 48 months.




Onyx Gardens is a very strategically located estate in a serene area of Asaba before the Asaba Airport. Onyx is a master piece and stands out with its aesthetic features. It provides an amazing investment opportunity for everyone with fast capital appreciation. It is a 10 minutes’ drive to the Asaba Airport. A right turn from the Azagba junction, a straight drive leads to the estate.

Onyx Gardens is available for sale; price and payment breakdown is stated as follows.

Full Plot measuring 500m2 = N1,500,000 (Outright or 3 instalments within 3 months)

Other Flexible Payment Plans:

Full Plot measuring 500m2

N1,750,000:N7,294 daily (Mon-Fri) or N145,883 monthly for 12 months.
N2,000,000:N4,167 daily (Mon-Fri) or N83,333 monthly for 24 months.
N2,250,000:N3,125 daily (Mon-Fri) or N62,500 monthly for 36 months.
N2,500,000:N2,604 daily (Mon-Fri) or N52,083 monthly for 48 months.



Dream Land Estate is located in  Ofada, Ogun State. About 4 minutes drive from the popular Yotomi Estate.


  • Security
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Drainage
  • Paved Road
  • Light
  • Swimming Pool

Outright or within 3 Months – =N=1,200,000

=N=120, 000 Monthly for 12 Months – =N=1,440,000

=N=70,000 Monthly for 24 Months – =N=1,680,000

=N=50,600 Monthly for 36 Monthly – =N=1,821,000

=N=42,917 Monthly for 48 Monthly – =N=2,060,000


Outright or Within 3 months – =N=600,000

=N=60,000 Monthly for 12 Months – =N=720,000

=N=35,000 Monthly for 24 Months – =N=840,000

=N=25,300 Monthly for 36 Months – =N=910,000

=N=21,459 Monthly for 48 Months – =N=1,030,000



When we started;

Dreamland Gardens Mowe-Ofada beside Yotomi Estate, precisely 12 months ago, a plot of land measuring 60ft by 120ft within the estate was N500,000 but today the same plot of land goes for N1,200,000 i.e. more than 100% capital value appreciation.

Onyx Gardens Asaba sold for N700,000 6 months ago, but presently it is N1,500,000 i.e. more than 100% capital value appreciation.

Royal Court Ibeju-Lekki sold for N1,500,000 two years ago, but presently selling for N6,000,000 and that is more than 200% capital value appreciation.

Sun-City Gardens Owerri sold for N2,000,000 6 months ago, but currently it is N3,000,000 i.e. 50% capital value appreciation.


Development is a major determinant of capital value appreciation. We understood this concept very well that’s why we are committed to deliver to our promise. Our site work is ongoing on daily basis to enable us achieve our target. Over the years we have been able to achieve amazing Returns On Investment (ROI) which has earned us a commendable trust from our highly esteemed customers.

Looking at the trend it is expected that in the next 5 years:

  • Dreamland Gardens will be sold for N15,000,000
  • Onyx Gardens will be sold for N10,000,000
  • Royal Court Ibeju-Lekki will be sold for N50,000,000
  • Sun-City Gardens will be sold for N10,000,000

This projection is the minimum; it can appreciate more than the projected returns come 2024. We advise that you buy and wait instead of wait to buy”.


Estate will be covered with Global C-of-O, Registered Survey and Layout Plan

A purchaser shall be issued the following documents:

  • Receipt
  • Contract of Sale
  • Provisional Letter of Allocation
  • Survey Plan:

    Royal Court: Dreamland Gardens: Onyx Gardens:

    Sun-City Gardens:

    Survey Fee –  N450,000

    Survey Fee –  N150,000

    Survey Fee –  N150,000

    Survey Fee –  N170,000

    Deed of Assignment:

    Royal court:

    Dream Land Garden: Onyx Gardens:

    Sun-City Gardens:

    Legal Fee –  N100,000

    Legal Fee –  N50,000

    Legal Fee –  N50,000

    Legal Fee –  N50,000


    NOTE: There are huge discounts available for corporate or individual clients with bulk purchase.

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