Buying Land in Lagos

Basic Guide to Buying Land in Lagos

Land is one of the most sought after assets in Lagos. Owning a landed property in Lagos can be seen as a good business venture as well as a wise futuristic investment  as the investor can become financially stable in the future via this investment.

But Most times due to ignorance and while eager to purchase land in Lagos in the excitement of becoming a land owner people overlook signs of forgery and fraud.

This article will help guide you on how to purchase land with genuine realtors and companies

When you have an intention of buying a land in Lagos, don’t be in a hurry, investigations must be made, verification processes must be followed to avoid issues that may result in fraud, delay or multiple disagreements.

Do not just rush in, employ the help and assistance of experts; lawyers, Surveyor, real estate agents and companies etc…It pays to be cautious

Buying Lands in Lagos Search and Verification

Run a search to verify that the land is devoid of any encumbrances and government acquisition. Go to the States Ministry of Lands and Survey to conduct a search to ascertain the legal title owner of the land you intend to buy

Having an experienced Lawyer or real Estate Agent or company to assist you in this regard will be helpful in ensuring success

Fortunately, Real Estate and property development companies have simplified the search and verification process by doing it on behalf of the client and making the process simple. Gasvine properties  is a leading real estate provider in Nigeria that helps prospect in real estate investment.

Paying For Land in Lagos

After search and verification is satisfactorily concluded and copies of documents of the land confirmed, you proceed to the ministry of land and survey Alausa for charting and once you are satisfied with the results, you go ahead to make payment.On the other hand, if you buy from a registered Real estate company like Gasvine properties Limited, the process is made less burdensome as all the technical details that have to do with the land including its charting has already been done on behalf of the client.

All you do is select a plot of your choice and fill the necessary documents which will enable them process your land title. You thereafter make payment to the company bank account.

Lagos State ministry of lands at Alausa is in charge of registering titles of every land within Lagos State. Survey plans, registered conveyance, registered deed of assignment and certificate of occupancy are the various approved titles every land owner must ensure he/she has intact

Securing the Asset

After making payments and getting the necessary land title, it is important to secure the land to avoid encroachment

Reasons To Invest with Gasvine Properties

  • Elimination of Risk: Buying landed properties involves high rates of risk as some
    miscreants use it as an avenue to defraud people. In Gasvine Properties we
    manage those risks for you. ‘No OMO-NILE wahala’.
  • Development: We provide infrastructure in the estate which include: Roads,
    Drainages, Electricity, Perimeter Fence etc. This goes a long way to make an estate
    habitable and increases in value.
  • Flexible Payment Plan: We allow people to pay as low as #1000 over a period of time. This allows you to pay at your own convenience.
  • Affordability: We sale at a competitive price and also gives you great value.
  • Assurance of Genuine Title: You are to get all your documentation as regards your
    property once your payment is fully completed.
  • We provide houses for all classes of people: the low, the middle and the upper
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