Smart Landlords are drawn from our Young Landlord scheme (YLS) which is designed to empower children at the early stage of their lives and as such, secure their future.

The rate of land appreciation cannot be over emphasized. A child whom his/her parents buys a plot of land at N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) today at 0.5% rate of appreciation will be worth N20,000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) in the next 10 years. The growing trend of children becoming adults and continuing in the circle of struggling is the reason behind the Young Landlord Scheme. The scheme will address the security of the future of children.

All our estates are open for this scheme; plots of 324m2 are designated for this scheme. This is to ensure that it will be easy for parents to pay for it and a duration of 24months to give parents time to pay as their pockets can carry without adverse effects on their income.

The most expensive locations that we see today were 10 years ago, very cheap. YSL will make it easy for parents to secure the future of their children.

It is time that parents have high level of love for their children, which is why most times, they send them to very expensive schools and buy them expensive gifts. The least thing that enters their mind is the security of future of these children. Hence the scheme called Young Landlord Scheme (YLS).

The scheme involves a deposit of N25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira) monthly for 24months for a plot of 324m2 in any of our estates, and from our projection, the next 10 years of their lives, those plots are expected to appreciate up to N20,000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) and above.

Get the destiny of your children secured today by taking advantage of this amazing scheme known asĀ  Young Landlord Scheme.

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