The Yorubas will say owo pade owo, the hausas will say kudi ya hadu da kudi and Igbos will say ego na ezute ego. There is no greater truth than this” Money begets Money”. Money prefers to hang out in big groups because there will be an increment. That is why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, that’s life. Yes, it is said, but it does seem to be a fact. The good thing is we can make a choice either to do something about it or sit around moaning and becoming part of the problem. As I said, the choice is entirely yours to decide. If you do want to do something​ about it, it is good to make a tidy sum and use your money wisely to help the less fortunate than you, invest or do whatever with it you so choose.

Firstly, you need to understand the concept of compound interest, with this knowledge, once you have some money, you’ll be astonished at how quickly it can grow. Investor Warren Buffet, the world’s second-richest man, said it was one of the key forces that had grown his wealth. So sad that only the wealthy​ people get the idea of compound interest and the rest of us don’t. Compound interest is the process of earning interest on your interest and so on and it works very well in real estate as it does with cash in the bank or the share market. Compound interest is reinvesting the income you receive from an asset. If house prices are rising, each consecutive year’s growth adds to an increasingly higher base. So, a £400,000 property growing at 5% a year bump up the growth rate to 7% and it almost doubles from £400,000 to£787,000. It’s no wonder property owners have been smiling. If you spend all you get, then this rule will never work for you. It’ll never get money working for you. You have to set aside. Money for breeding purposes. In this case, I suggest you invest in real estate. Investing in real estate and making huge returns is not a day job nor is it a year job.

Real estate with proper market analysis and understanding of the area is secure and less risky.

Real estate in the right places e.g., Ibeju Lekki, Owerri, Mowe, Asaba will give you returns of over 50 to 100% on the investment for a period of one 1year. Ibeju Lekki axis is one of the safest and secured​ real estate investment plans you can ever add to your investment portfolio. We at Gasvine Properties Ltd can help assist in gaining clarity on what you are investing in.

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