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  • Many Nigerians in the diaspora always shy away from real estate investment in Nigeria for obvious reasons. Trust is a major factor. Many of them have gotten their hands burnt in the process of investing, losing their hard-earned money to individuals, friends and even family members.

  • Through our DHS, we are forcing a paradigm shift. Nigerians abroad can now invest in real estate in Nigeria with full confidence that their investment is secured. We will not only guarantee secured investment, but also a quality delivery.

  • In all our estate across Nigeria, we have a section mapped out for Nigerians in diaspora. We ensure that the infrastructure in that section is top notch, giving them a taste of what they are used to. We also have designs of houses according to the country where they leave. Example; those in UK will have UK house designs, same with the other countries.

  • In the cause of their building constructions, we will ensure that they can have life inspection of their construction through our website. We are upgrading our site for this service.

  • Once they log in with a code we will issue to them, they can watch the construction works and also make inputs where necessary. This will also enable them to inspect the materials used for their construction.

  • Our attention is drawn to the fact that some Nigerians in diaspora have preference in terms of location which may not be with where any of our estate is situated. Therefore, we have decided that in situations like this, we will require that a minimum of ten of them have to come together so we can develop a mini-estate for them in the location of their choice.

  • Furthermore, it is a common practice in Nigeria that many in the diaspora will build a house, lock it and go back. Some don’t come back after several years. Whenever they come back, they will spend more money to repair the house which has no economic value to them. Our DHS is also set to solve this puzzle. We will ensure that those houses lying waste will start generating revenue while they are away and also be useful to them at their return. It’s a full pack for our DHS, it will touch every fabric of real estate for Nigerians in diaspora.

  • We are setting the record straight, we are assuring Nigerians in diaspora that it is a new dawn, the fears should be gone, the mind should be made towards investing in real estate in Nigeria.

  • Ours is a company doing business with high level integrity, quality delivery is our trade mark.

  • Gasvine properties ltd is making housing dreams a reality.


  • The young landlord scheme, aka, smart landlord is a scheme designed to empower children at early stage of their lives and as such, secure their future.
  • The importance of education can never be over emphasized. Most parents deny themselves of good things of life to send their children to school. The common trend now is; if your children are not in private school, you are termed poor. These schools are not anywhere close to being cheap.
  • One should also have to balance this thought.
  • With the level of unemployment at double digit and little or no hope of improvement, there is every need to invest in the future of these children in something that has capacity to appreciate as they grow.
  • To get a clearer picture of this, we consider these scenarios; a child whom his/her parents buy a plot of land today at N500,000 at 0.5% rate of appreciation will be worth N20,000,000 in the next ten years.
  • The trend has always been children growing up and continuing in the circle of struggle which I call “recycling of history”.
  • Smart landlord will address the security of future of children, eliminate struggle and give them a more comfortable life on time. We have to bear in mind that they are no more manufacturing/making land.
  • All our estates are open for this scheme. Parents can buy with the name of their children. It is their passport that will be on the form with their names and their parents as next of kin.
  • In this scheme we have a smaller plot size where parents can pay in installments for a longer duration.
  • It is important that parents know this; the most expensive locations that we see today where ten years ago very cheap.
  • Parents always show their love to their children by sending them to expensive schools, take them on holidays to different countries, buy expensive things for them. It is time to add this all-important gift to this list and be rest-assured that their future is secured.
  • With the flexibility of payment of this scheme, every parent should take advantage of it and turn their children to smart landlords.
  • Also, considering the rate of capital value appreciation of our estates, you will be rest assured that before your child who is in primary school today, graduate from the university, he/she will be worth several millions.
  • YLS (Smart Landlord Scheme) is actually a must for every caring parent, because the future of your child should be a priority.
  • Gasvine properties: – making housing dreams a reality.


  • Professional housing scheme is a unique product from Gasvine properties designed to address the housing needs of professionals.
  • It is obvious that like minds always desire to stay together to create an environment where they can easily associate and share ideas.
  • We at Gasvine properties understand this fact, this is the reason for this scheme to address this issue.
  • PHS will ensure that professionals of the same category will live together in a mini estate within our estate.
  • Example; 20 medical doctors can come together, buy 20 plots of land within any of our estates, we will carve out a mini estate for them with the bigger estate.
  • In our PHS, we will be having a minimum of 20 professionals come together to own a mini estate within our estate.


The following are some of the benefits of PHS

  • Like minds will be together in same environment (mini estate)
  • The professionals will enjoy top-notch infrastructure.
  • The mini estate will be exclusive for them.
  • The scheme is flexible and highly affordable.
  • The scheme is quite unique from our other schemes.
  • Professional housing scheme is only open to professionals that falls into a certain category, e.g., doctors, teachers, lawyers, police etc.
  • It is time for professionals who care to mobilize their colleague to enjoy this unique product from Gasvine properties, Gasvine Properties…. Making housing dreams a reality.
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