In 2019, A friend introduced me to an investment plan (Forex trading) with a company here in Nigeria. Oh ! the offer was so juicy that I couldn’t let go, invest with as low as 50k and get 30% monthly ROI…. What? this is too good to be true, I was so happy, told my family and friends about it and they sounded interested but want to know the genuineness. It came from a trustworthy friend who was an ambassador for the company. We found out it was genuine and was working on coming on board. 

 March 2020, I was to key into the investment plan but was restricted by a friend who wanted us to key into it together. Afterwards I lost the contact of the friend who introduced me to the platform. Few months after, my phone rang and the caller was my old friend. We reunited, talked and then I told him how pained I was for not being able to key into the investment plan. He said to me, I am happy you didn’t because I lost all my life savings to the company, over 100million. Those I introduced to the company also were after me, I had to trail them before they relocated from their main office. I had to involve the police and EFFC, oh I spent a lot, eventually I was able to get them arrested and also got hold of one of their cars and landed properties. How, what why and when were all I could ask. He said the company folded because of greed they wanted more money and Forex is a game of risk. You either loss or win. I said to myself why risk your money in the name of investment when we have safest means of investing our money with good returns on investment. I thought to myself, imagine if he had invested 100million in real estate, wow that would have been a big scam win for him. In real estate you can never been too greed, infact the higher your greediness the more your returns on investment. Nothing to worry about, your Investment is safe and secured.

Think investment think real estate

Think real estate…… Think Gasvine properties…

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