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Is The Season Of Our BUGA LOVE PROMO With 40%, 30% And 25% Discount
Across All Our Estates. Payable Within 12, 18 And 24 Months.

Become a Landlord with ease at any of our Estates!! Take advantage of our ongoing Buga Love Promo with up to 40%, 30% & 25% Discount Across All Our Estates.

This Valentine’s season, go to the Buga level to gift your partner a plot of land.

Simply make an initial deposit from 25k-1M and above and enjoy other mouthwatering gift items.

25k – 50k deposit to get gasvine branded gift.

100k deposit to get gasvine branded towel

200k deposit to get a cinema for two

500k deposit to get gasvine Buga love hamper

 1M and above to get a couple dinner buffet at Marriott Hotel Lagos.

Terms and conditions apply.


Royal Court- Ibeju-Lekki Lagos

Suncity Gardens- Avu-Owerri

Villa Gardens- Enugu-Agidi Anambra

Onyx Gardens Phase 1 &2 – Isele-Azzagba Asaba

Dreamland Gardens Phase 1 & 2
Mowe-Ofada ogun state

Don’t miss this offer, hurry now and subscribe to any of our estates and step up your love language the Buga way.

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